Launch Point: ( Fun in the Sand Beach Boat Launch)
Location: ( Where ever the Fish Are)
Fishing Style: ( Trolling, Water skiing )
Tackle Selection: ( Deep Diving YoZuri Crystal Minnow with a white worm Trailer )
Tidal Conditions: ( Tide Chart )
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Well, Today started out to be a typical summer day, Hot, lots of boat traffic, people playing along the Sandy Beach, boaters fighting for position at the Launch Ramp and did I say, "hot"?. It was scheduled to be a scorching 95 degrees later in the afternoon. This meant that deploying any fishing strategy was going to be a big challenge for the day and it certainly proved to be the case starting right at about an hour after sunrise. I Launched out of the Sandy Beach Ramp hitting up the West Bank after a short 5 minute cruise and after clearing the swimmers already lining the exposed shoreline because of the outgoing tide. I loaded up my Rod with YoZuri Deep divers, White worm trailers and smoothered on some Shad Goop and let them buzz out 185 feet behind the trolling motor hitting 4.5 MPH going with the outgoing tide. I ended up just at the edge of the Sherman Island with not a single taker, or shaker. The Sonar read sporatic fish. It was clear they were not in the 20 feet area because the temperatures just could not get below 74 Degree Temperatures. This was going to be a very long day of trolling, but I stuck it out like a champ, and I didn't bring Bait with me, It was either Troll to land one or die in the July heat Trying.

Just after 2pm The Tide came rolling back in so it was a perfect opportunity for me to start around the Edge of Sherman Island and work my way back up toward the Rio Vista Bridge into the Cache Slough and depending on the action start creeping into the SteamBoat Slough enventually. The biggest problem, and this is no shocker to the folks that are familiar with the area in the summer, the Water was Too warm, 71 Degree to be exact was about the absolute best I could get in readings, Not ideal for Striper Bass, I know, we know..... But i was not giving up, besides with a beer in hand, a bad day fishing beats a good day working anyday, right? right.

I was truly defeated, I could not get a Bite if my life depending on it, No matter if I got any readings on the sonar, I hit it once, Hit it twice, 3 times just to be sure but no takers, boy.....Summer is not fun for Trolling. I'm pretty sure most of the readers would say, I should have anchored in deep water just at the edge of a hole and used cut bait or live bait and used that as the primary strategy, well, to all you people with an opinion, your are absolutely right! I should have, but do remember I left my Bait box at home so although i had my Bait Rods, I had no Bait so I had to tough it out. But it was definately worth the attempt.

I would say This day in the areas mentioned in the location description, There were Zero Takers, despite my Sonar chirping on plenty of suspended fish. This was expected, but I was hoping to get lucky, sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't. My Trolling Path is pictured in the below image, Pretty good during the Regular Peak Spring and Fall Runs but, pretty difficult even with good weather any other times, especially this rediculously hot day in July.